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We proudly stand by our manufacturing partners to deliver exceptional value and service to you.


Sub-micron filtration. Energy efficiency with emphasis on clean water, for your facility’s long-term health.


Griswold Controls

Mechanical & controls, automatic & manual balancing, PIC-V, EPIC System, lead-free valves. Coil kits, BTU meters.


Automatic & manual balancing valves, coil piping packages, lead-free valves, hose kits.


High efficiency submicron filtration systems for open cooling towers or closed loop systems.

Rovanco Piping Systems

Pre-insulated underground & containment piping systems. Leak detection.

Badger Meter

Flow & BTU meters: Digital ultrasonic, inline electromagnetic. Mechanical insertion, nutating disk, oval gear.

Unisource Mfg

Bellows, expansion compensators & joints, nested U-loop, V-loop, stainless steel & bronze braided flexible connectors.

Flex-Weld / Keflex

Bellows, expansion compensators & joints, stainless steel & bronze braided flexible connectors, and pipe guides.


Domestically produced stainless steel braided flexible connectors.

Delta Cooling Towers

Modular, open & closed loop, corrosion proof, biofilm resistant cooling towers.


Bellows, expansion joints, stainless steel & bronze braided flexible connectors, tubing, & hose assemblies.


Brass and stainless steel valves, butterfly valves pneumatic and electric actuators, and actuated assemblies.

FlowCon International

Pressure independent & control valves. Adjustable automatic flow limiting.

Bonomi North America

High performance ball & butterfly valves with optional positioner & actuation packages.


Four-offset high performance butterfly valves, industrial valves for steam and industrial applications.


Specialty HVAC valves, high performance butterfly valves, ball valves & control valves.

Net Zero Water

Commercial rainwater harvesting and gray water treatment systems.

General Water Systems

Centrifugal separators, chemical pot feeders.


Braised plate heat exchangers for HVAC, refrigeration.

Pipe Shields

Pre-Insulated pipe supports, guides, and anchors.


“Class A fire rated” house assemblies & kits designed for water source heat pump, fan coil, VAV, and chilled beam applications.


Commercial kitchen ventilation & utility distribution systems.

Ammark Corp.

Thermostatic hydronic flow control valves for HW, CHW, & Steam.

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