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We proudly stand by our manufacturing partners to deliver exceptional value and service to you.


Sub-micron filtration. Energy efficiency with emphasis on clean water, for your facility’s long-term health.


Griswold Controls

Mechanical & controls, automatic & manual balancing, PIC-V, EPIC System, lead-free valves. Coil kits, BTU meters.

Rovanco Piping Systems

Pre-insulated underground & containment piping systems. Leak detection.


Automatic & manual balancing valves, coil piping packages, lead-free valves, hose kits.


High efficiency submicron filtration systems for open cooling towers or closed loop systems.

Delta Cooling Towers

Modular, open & closed loop, corrosion proof, biofilm resistant cooling towers.

Badger Meter

Flow & BTU meters: Digital ultrasonic, inline electromagnetic. Mechanical insertion, nutating disk, oval gear.

General Water Systems

Centrifugal separators, chemical pot feeders.

Unisource Mfg

Bellows, expansion compensators & joints, nested U-loop, V-loop, stainless steel & bronze braided flexible connectors.

Flex-Weld / Keflex

Bellows, expansion compensators & joints, stainless steel & bronze braided flexible connectors, and pipe guides.

FlowCon International

Pressure independent & control valves. Adjustable automatic flow limiting.

Bonomi North America

High performance ball & butterfly valves with optional positioner & actuation packages.


Bellows, expansion joints, stainless steel & bronze braided flexible connectors, tubing, & hose assemblies.


Domestically produced stainless steel braided flexible connectors.


Specialty HVAC valves, high performance butterfly valves, ball valves & control valves.

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